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Vent Cleaners Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles is your one-stop shop for top-rated air duct and dryer vent cleaning services. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients in the Los Angeles area.

Tired of allergies, dust, and poor indoor air quality? Our professional cleaning services can help! We use advanced techniques to remove dust, debris, allergens, and other contaminants from your air ducts and dryer vents, improving your indoor air quality and boosting the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Schedule your next-day air duct cleaning appointment today! We offer free quotes and guarantee fast, efficient, and reliable service. Don’t wait any longer to breathe easier in your home or business.

20:50 17 Mar 24
Absolutely impressed with VENT CLEANERS! Their professionalism and attention to detail were exceptional. They thoroughly cleaned our air ducts and vents, leaving our home feeling fresh and healthier. The team was punctual, courteous, and efficient throughout the process. Highly recommend their services for anyone looking to improve indoor air quality and maintain a clean home environment.
Alex RamirezAlex Ramirez
19:58 25 Feb 24
I'm really impressed with the air duct cleaning! They completed it swiftly, and the pricing was reasonable. I really liked it and highly recommend their services!
Eric Peacock JrEric Peacock Jr
23:14 20 Feb 24
I was pleasantly surprised by the impact air duct cleaning had on my home's air quality, noticeably reducing dust and allergens. The workers were professional. Their attention to detail was commendable, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their service to anyone seeking to enhance indoor air quality.
Yesayan YeghisheYesayan Yeghishe
07:14 26 Dec 23
Over the years, this vent cleaning service has been an integral part of our home maintenance routine, and they have consistently delivered exceptional service. From the initial appointment to their most recent visit, their attention to detail and dedication to their craft have been evident.What's remarkable is their evolving expertise. Their team has continuously improved their methods, adapting to new technologies and techniques to ensure our vents are immaculately cleaned and the airflow is optimized.Beyond their excellent cleaning, their team has always been forthcoming with advice and suggestions for ongoing maintenance. Their proactive approach in addressing potential issues has prevented major problems and saved us from costly repairs.The impact of their service is undeniable. Each time they finish, the air feels fresher, and we've experienced a significant reduction in dust accumulation. This consistent improvement in air quality speaks volumes about their thoroughness and commitment.Their professionalism and reliability over the years have instilled confidence in their service. I highly recommend their vent cleaning for their continued dedication to excellence and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.👌
Cerca TrovaCerca Trova
18:34 17 Dec 23
Outstanding experience with the vent cleaners! Their promptness and thoroughness in cleaning our dryer vent were impressive. The service was not only efficient but also educational. We noticed a significant improvement in our dryer's performance post-cleaning. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart. Would absolutely recommend their service for anyone needing top-notch vent cleaning!
Edgar BeglaryanEdgar Beglaryan
08:20 17 Dec 23
Incredibly impressed by the vent cleaners' service! They were prompt, courteous, and went above and beyond in cleaning our dryer vent. The difference in airflow was noticeable immediately, and our dryer works more efficiently now. Their professionalism and attention to detail deserve high praise. Would highly recommend their service for anyone looking for a thorough and reliable vent cleaning!

Los Angeles: Breathe Easy with Clean Air Ducts and Dryer Vents

If there’s one thing we know in Los Angeles, it’s that clean air makes a world of difference! That’s why we’ve been voted the best air duct and dryer vent cleaning service in the city. From tackling those complex cleaning jobs to making sure your home or business has the freshest air possible, our expert team is dedicated to helping Los Angeles breathe easier.

Top-Quality, Unbeatable Value: Air Duct, Dryer Vent, and Coil Foaming Furnace Cleaning in Los Angeles

Looking for the ultimate clean and the best value for your home’s air quality? Look no further than Vent Cleaners Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles. We offer a comprehensive package that tackles not just your air ducts and dryer vents, but also your furnace coils using advanced foaming technology. This ensures a deeper clean, improved air quality, and potentially lower energy bills for your home or business.

Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional results at competitive prices. We’re committed to transparent pricing and 100% customer satisfaction. Get a free quote today and experience the Breathe Easy difference: superior clean, healthier air, and unbeatable value.

Breathe Easier with a Hassle-Free Air Duct Cleaning in Los Angeles!

Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles

$79 $ 40
  • Full AC and connection box Inspection
  • Full Inspection: mold and bacteria
  • Full Coil Inspection

Dryer Vent Cleaning Los Angeles

$300 $ 195
  • Full Fire Hazard Inspection
  • Professional Cleaning - Wet & dry
  • 100% Guaranteed

Coil Foaming and Furnace Cleaning

$499 $ 340
  • Full Safety Inspection
  • Complete cleaning
  • Hazard-free chemicals

Breathe Easy Los Angeles County in 3 Simple Steps: Your Guide to a Clean Air Duct System


Schedule Your Air Duct Assessment:

Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the extent of dust, debris, and allergens in your air ducts and dryer vents. This assessment also helps us identify any areas requiring special attention for optimal cleaning.


Personalized Cleaning Plan & Appointment:

Following the assessment, we’ll present you with a personalized cleaning plan outlining the scope of work and a transparent pricing structure. Once you schedule your cleaning appointment, our experienced team will arrive promptly and efficiently complete the service.


Enjoy Cleaner, Healthier Air:

Breathe deeply and experience the difference of a clean air duct system! By removing harmful contaminants, we help improve your indoor air quality, boost your HVAC efficiency, and create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

Superior Air Quality Solutions: Air Duct Cleaning & More Installation and Cleaning Solutions

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Cleaner Coils, Cleaner Air: Local Coil Cleaning & Furnace Service

Improve air quality & save on energy bills with expert coil cleaning & furnace service in Los Angeles.

Dryer Vent Cleaning, Dry Faster: Los Angeles Dryer Cleaning

Prevent dryer fires & improve drying time with professional cleaning in Los Angeles.

Safe & Efficient Drying: LA Dryer Vent Installation

Get expert dryer vent installation in Los Angeles. Avoid fire hazards and ensure optimal drying with our professional services. Free quotes!

Building Comfort Together: LA Duct Work Installation

Businesses and homeowners trust us for expert ductwork installation in Los Angeles. Get the perfect system with our professional and reliable service.

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Commercial air duct cleaning. Improve Air Quality, Save Money: LA Air Duct Cleaning Services - Schedule Now & Breathe Easier!

Hear It from Past Customers

Vent Cleaners provided excellent service during the cleaning of my ventilation system. The workers were professional, arrived on time, and completed the task efficiently. My dryer is now operating more effectively, and I am pleased with the results. I recommend this company for ventilation cleaning services.

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